You + ME Turns One!


What a Year!

We grew to nearly 5,000 members and are on track to reach 10,000 by mid 2022, creating a more and more robust resource for researchers. [Click here to enroll.]

We gathered more than 2.4 million data points, more than doubling the number in four months.

We incorporated Long Covid data to enhance our understanding of ME/CFS.

We forged partnerships with UCLA, DecodeME and Action for ME.

We collaborated with Emerge Australia in a landmark effort to build the first ME/CFS patient registry Down Under.

We deployed You + ME data to study a potential ME/CFS diagnostic test and for studies supported by our new Stupski Awards.

Our vision–to create the world’s largest ME/CFS and Long Covid database and accelerate the search for a cure–is ambitious and impossible without YOU. 

Your dedication–building the Registry with us, enrolling and encouraging others to enroll, asking insightful questions, engaging us on social media and supporting us financially–is astounding. 

We’re celebrating our one-year anniversary all month by sharing research findings, more Ramsay Grant winners, an event + news about new initiatives! We’ll keep you updated through email, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Your data makes a difference. Together, we can finally end the suffering of millions.


The You + ME Team
    Allison     Elle
    Kira         Sadie

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