You + ME Anniversary | Week Two!

It’s our one-year anniversary and we’re celebrating all month! 

Last week we took a look at everything we accomplished together so far. This week we’re focusing on healthy controls, which are vital to medical research.

A healthy control is a person who does not have the disorder or disease being studied–in our case ME/CFS and Long Covid–who can be used as a comparison. 

Researchers need data from healthy controls to compare to data from people with ME/CFS and Long Covid. Identifying patterns seen only in people with the illness will help them identify treatments and a cure.

Right now, 10% of people enrolled in the Registry are healthy controls–but we need 30%.

You can help by encouraging a healthy control to join the You + ME Registry. Who’s your plus one?

The process is easy! Healthy volunteers can sign up here, then they’ll complete a survey on how they’re feeling. That’s it! We take privacy very seriously and information is stored in a secure database. 

Our vision–to create the world’s largest ME/CFS and Long Covid database and accelerate the search for a cure–is ambitious and impossible without YOU. 

Our one-year anniversary celebration continues all month! Next week, on September 20, we’ll hear from Dr. Bhupesh Prusty on some of his findings [register here] and preview results of our Covid Vaccine Study. We’ll update you through email, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Your data and data from healthy controls make a difference. Together, we can finally end the suffering of millions.

The You + ME Team
    Allison     Elle
    Kira         Sadie

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