You + ME Anniversary | Week Three!

It’s our one-year anniversary and we’re celebrating all month!

Last week we focused on healthy controls, which are vital You + ME and to medical research.

This week, we’ll talk to Dr. Bhupesh Prusty, an expert on viral infections, about his Long Covid research [click here for recording] and later we’ll share the results of our Covid Vaccination Study.

Our vision–to create the world’s largest ME/CFS and Long Covid database and accelerate the search for a cure–is ambitious and impossible without YOU. 

Our one-year anniversary celebration continues all month! Next week, we’ll announce the remaining winners of the 2021 Ramsay Grants and share news about new initiatives. We’ll update you through email, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Your data makes a difference. Together, we can finally end the suffering of millions.

The You + ME Team
    Allison     Elle
    Kira         Sadie

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