Winners of New Stupski Data Analysis Awards Announced

Awards included in Ramsay Program + fund research using You + ME Registry data in honor of Joyce Stupski, a dedicated Solve M.E. supporter.

The Solve M.E. Ramsay Grant Program is designed to build a research workforce for ME/CFS and to allow researchers to generate data to support larger grant applications. 

Currently in its fourth year, the Ramsay network now includes more than 60 researchers around the world and has resulted in more than $7 million dollars of additional research funding for ME/CFS.

This year, Solve expanded the Ramsay Program by launching the Stupski Awards to fund projects that analyze You + ME Registry data. These new grants honor Joyce Stupski, whose generous support of research and dedication to Solve M.E. will be sorely missed.

Recipients of the first-ever Stupski Awards are:

Efthymios Kalafatis
Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer
“Application of Machine Learning and Text Analytics in a Cohort of People with ME/CFS and People with Long Covid to Capture Disease Severity, Potential Associations and Sequential Patterns of Events”
-This project will apply powerful machine learning and text analysis methods to better understand symptoms, identify potential associations with treatments and life events and examine models of temporal patterns.​

Jennifer Stone, PhD, Australian National University
“Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and Long Covid: Are They the Same Condition?”
-This project will use advanced analytic methods to compare important demographic and clinical characteristics in people with ME/CFS to Long Covid controls and healthy controls. ​

Efthymios Kalafatis has over 20 years of data and text mining experience and holds a patent on a methodology that uses machine learning, network analysis and natural language processing for medical research. He has applied artificial intelligence techniques to research ME/CFS and natural language processing methods to analyze patient records. Themos has a BA from the University of Portsmouth and a MSc from the University of East Anglia.

Jennifer Stone recently received her PhD in clinical epidemiology from Australian National University. She has co-authored several journal articles using data and modeling to uncover causes of disease. Jennifer earned her BA and MPH from the University of Queensland.

Expanding support for research like this is critical. To help, enroll in the You + ME Registry or explore providing financial support. To learn more, please click here.  

Many, many congratulations to Jennifer and Efthymios!

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