Solve M.E. and Action for M.E. Partner to Accelerate Search for a Cure

Will cooperate to create fellowships, improve patients’ well-being, raise awareness, advocate for patients, and expand research

March 2021–Solve M.E. is pleased to share its trans-Atlantic partnership with Action for M.E. focused on enhancing the well-being of people with M.E., raising awareness, delivering policy changes, and increasing research on the disease’s causes and possible treatments.

The partnership consists of several initiatives:

  1. A two year postdoctoral fellowship designed to prepare researchers early in their career to excel in studies focusing on applying computational biology, biostatistics, quantitative genetic, and data science to understanding the molecular basis of M.E.
  2. Working with Decode M.E., the world’s biggest biomedical study of the causes of M.E. The study will enroll 20,000 individuals with M.E. in the UK using the You + ME platform;
  3. Advancing the You + ME Registry as a global research enabling platform;
  4. Exploring how a digital platform can benefit people with M.E. by connecting them with peer-support, shared experiences of symptom management, and research to which they can contribute; and
  5. Global advocacy in collaboration with the International Alliance for M.E., including plans for this year’s M.E. Awareness Month.

Sonya Chowdhury, Action for M.E., said “M.E. is a global disease. By working in partnership with organizations like Solve we can begin to consider solutions that improve lives at local, national, and international level, led by the needs of people with M.E. and those who support them.”

“We are delighted to partner with Action for M.E. This strategic collaboration leverages our individual strengths and catalyzes goals otherwise out of reach,” said Sadie Whittaker, chief scientific officer with Solve M.E. “We are committed to cooperating with changemakers like Action for M.E. and continuing to expand our efforts until there is a cure.”

About Action for M.E.

UK charity Action for M.E. empowers people with M.E. to fulfil their potential and secure the care and support they need, while working towards a greater understanding of the illness and ultimately a cure. Alongside providing targeted information, support and advocacy to young people and adults with M.E., we offer peer-support services that reduce the isolation that so often comes with M.E. We work closely with professionals and policy-makers to improve access to appropriate care and support services, and collaborate with scientists, patients and clinicians to move biomedical research forward, including funding PhD studentships and co-leading DecodeME, the world’s largest M.E. DNA study.

About Solve M.E.

Solve M.E. is a non-profit disease organization that works to accelerate the discovery of safe and effective treatments, strives for an aggressive expansion of funding for research that will lead to a cure, and seeks to engage the entire M.E. community in research, advocacy, and patient support. Solve M.E. is the foundational M.E. organization, steadily broadening strategic, collaborative relationships with patients, researchers, government officials, and other M.E. organizations across the globe.

The You + ME Registry, a Solve M.E. initiative, is an online clinical study of individuals committed to identifying a cure for myalgic encephalomyelitis (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome or ME/CFS), Long COVID and other post-viral illnesses. The community is made up of people with ME/CFS, people with long-term symptoms of COVID-19 (“longhaulers”), and control volunteers collectively providing the research community with critical insight into the lived experience and genetics of ME/CFS, Long COVID and post-viral illnesses.

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