Six Tips to Prepare for Your Medical Appointment

ME/CFS and Long Covid are complex, multi-system conditions that can be challenging to understand and manage, especially within a typical medical appointment.

Finding a doctor who is knowledgeable about ME/CFS or Long Covid can be challenging. There are some ME/CFS and Long Covid specialists in the US, but many patients try to establish a good relationship with a primary care provider and one or more specialists to manage specific symptoms.

If you have a good relationship with your provider and they are not familiar with ME/CFS or Long Covid, invite them to visit our ME/CFS or Long Covid resource pages, which have the most recent information for healthcare professionals. Additional information can be found on the CDC ME/CFS page and the CDC Long Covid page.

Six Tips to Prepare for Your Appointment

1.Focus on the symptoms that most impact your quality of life. Write them down, along with your questions, and use them to guide the conversation.

2.Track your symptoms. Providing specific examples and recognizing patterns may help manage your illness. Join the Registry to download our free Symptom Tracking App.

3.Ask questions. For example, be sure you understand the purpose and side effects of suggested prescriptions.

4.Take notes. You may forget information or advice, especially if you’re feeling unwell.

5.Have someone with you. They can help by taking notes, asking questions,  advocating or providing support, especially when you’re not feeling well.

6.Remember you are your own best advocate. If your concerns are not being addressed or if your provider is dismissive, try to find a new one.

If you’re unsure if you have ME/CFS or Long Covid, check out our quizzes: Do I Have ME/CFS? and Do I Have Long Covid?

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