We value collaboration. When we work together, nothing is impossible so we amplify our impact by collaborating with an international network of partners who also collect data on ME/CFS and Long COVID. By joining forces, we are creating the largest possible collection of information about these diseases.

Long COVID Alliance Membership

We are a founding member of the Long COVID Alliance, a network of patient-advocates, scientists, disease experts and drug developers who have joined together to leverage their collective knowledge and resources to educate policy makers and accelerate research to transform our understanding of post-viral illness.

ME/CFS Research with UCLA

We partnered with the University of California, Los Angeles Iris Cantor Women’s Health Center to expand ME/CFS research through their Annual Health Pilot Program—the first time an ME/CFS study has been included.

Postdoctoral Fellowship with Action for M.E.

This two-year, jointly funded, $170,000 (£120,000) fellowship is designed to prepare researchers early in their career to excel in studies focusing on applying computational biology, biostatistics, quantitative genetic and data science to understanding the molecular basis of M.E. (myalgic encephalomyelitis).

The Global Long COVID Data Consortium

We created the Global Long COVID Data Consortium to work with others who are collecting data from those who are experiencing long-term effects of COVID-19 and build the largest possible data set.

Four-Fold Effort with Action for ME

We’re working with Action for ME to enhance the well-being of people with M.E., raise awareness, deliver policy changes and increase research on the disease’s causes. 

ME/CFS Registry with Emerge Australia

We launched a landmark effort with Emerge Australia to establish the first Australian ME/CFS patient registry and biobank.